Education Equality is a voluntary human rights organisation established to campaign for equality in the provision of education for all children regardless of religion. Education Equality is calling for an end to all religious discrimination in State-funded schools.

Welcome to Education Equality.

We believe that all children should be treated equally regardless of their religion or non-religion. Equal respect for children and for the beliefs of their parents requires equal access to schools regardless of religion, the ability to choose whether or not a child is present for religious instruction, and a curriculum that does not impose the values of one religion on children of different religions or no religion.

We take a human rights based approach to ending discrimination. All citizens have the right to freedom of religion, to non-discrimination and to education under international human rights treaties and under the Irish Constitution. The current education system does not respect these rights of all Irish citizens.

Education Equality has Two Core Goals

Equal Access

On its foundation in 2015 Education Equality had two clear goals, with the first, equal access, being largely achieved with the removal of the ‘baptism barrier’ in 2018. We are currently focused on achieving equal respect

Equal Respect

Faith formation in all State-funded schools to be confined to a distinct period of time (not permeated throughout the school day) and taught after core school hours so that parents can effectively choose whether or not their children receive religious instruction.

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