Our purpose

Education Equality is a voluntary human rights organisation established to campaign for equality in the provision of education for all children regardless of religion. We are calling for an end to all religious discrimination in State-funded schools


Education Equality’s efforts are focused on two twin goals: removing discrimination in access to school places and promoting equal respect during the school day. We work on the principle that equal respect for children and for the beliefs of their parents requires equal access to schools regardless of religion, the ability to choose whether or not a child receives religious instruction, and a curriculum that does not impose the beliefs of one religion on children of different religions or no religion.

Our approach

We take a human rights based approach to ending discrimination. All citizens have the right to freedom of religion, to non-discrimination and to education under international human rights treaties and under the Irish Constitution. The current education system does not respect these rights of all Irish citizens. Education Equality aims to procure the removal of:

  • Section 7(3)(c) of the Equal Status Act 2000 which permits schools to discriminate in their admissions policy.
  • Rule 68 of the Rules for National Schools 1965 which imposes an “integrated curriculum” imbued with religious values throughout the school day and makes choosing whether or not to attend religious instruction impossible.

We take a multi-pronged approach to ending discrimination:

  • Political lobbying
  • Through the courts
  • Through the UN treaty bodies
  • By empowering parents
  • By raising awareness of the need for greater equality in education
  • By encouraging the public to demand change.

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